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2020 Summer Route: This summer we will start in Cagliari, Sardinia. Head down to Palermo, Sicily, follow the NE coast and hop over to the Aeolian Islands. Sail to Tropea on mainland, Italy. Next through the Strait of Messina to Taormina, Sicily. A long eastward crossing from Sicily to the Ionian islands. After a month in the Ionian Islands from Zakinthos to Corfu we head east to the Corinth Canal and into the Aegean. Three weeks cruising the Cyclades before meeting the Proctors near Athens to end our summer cruise.



Now hear this, now hear this....

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this summer's cruise is on hold......






Summer 2019

Summer Route

YT Link to this summers videos

England Crew 1 Crew 2 Crew 3
Crew 4 Crew 5 Crew 6 Quick View 2019



On April 22nd Cindy and I will begin our 12th summer cruising the Mediterranean. This year we have a new boat, a 2003 Jeanneau 45.2 Sun Odyssey sailboat that we co-own with John and Laura Proctor. Sea Star II was an incredible blue water cruiser, we sailed over 20,000NM on her since leaving Sarasota in May of 2007. My original plan was to cruise the Med in three summers, sell Sea Star and come home. Didn't happen, we love the Mediterranean and are looking forward to more adventures aboard à bientôt. A quick look at our new boat.

Summer Route 2018 - We will spend the first week cruising from the boatyard at Ameglia, Italy along the Ligurian coast over to Nice, France. The remainder of the summer will be spent along the French Riviera between Menton and St. Tropez. At the end of June we sail down to Corsica, follow the west coast to Sardinia and then backtrack over to Elba, Italy and rendezvous with the Proctors July 15th at Marina di Pisa where they take over for their summer cruise.

YT Link to this summers videos

Walkabout Ameglia Portovenere to Nice Cannes Film Festival 2018   Crew 1
Crew 2 Crew 3 & 4 Crew 5 Crew 6 Crew 7
First Overnight Renaming Ceremony Quick View 2018   Remembering Sea Star


2007 to 2017 on Sea Star II


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Summer 2017
Summer Route 2017

Newest Sea Star Videos and Drone Videos

Palermo Sicily ~ Sea Star's Final Cruise 2017

Summer 2016

Collage 2016

Ameglia to Rome
Roma to Napoli
Napoli to Corfu
Selfies & pictures of people taking pictures of people
Albania and Corfu -
Corfu - Albania - Montenegro
Croatia and Italy
A quick look at our 10th summer crusing the Mediterranean

Summer 2015

Collage 2015

Summer Route


Cannes Film Festival May 21, 2015

Cannes Saturday

Cannes - Villefrance - Menton - Nice

Monaco Grand Prix

Nice to Marseille

Arles to Sanary


The Proctors

People on Balconies

Sea Star Glides 2015
(Short Videos)

Monaco Marine to Cinque Terre

People Etc.

Carrara Marble

Rome - Tivoli - Vatican

Keith and Carrie visit Sea Star

Quick Look at This Summers Cruise

summer 2014
Collage 2014




Balearic Islands 1 for PC - Balearic Islands 1 for iOS

Balearic Islands 2 for PC - Balearic Islands 2 for iOS

Menorca to Cadeques - PC - Menorca to Cadeques - iOS

Port Vendres to Sanary - PC - Port Vendres to Sanary - iOS

Cote d'Azur to Italian Riviera - PC - Cote d'Azur to Italian Riviera - iOS

Tuscany - PC - Tuscany - iOS

Carrara to Ostia - PC - Carrara to Ostia - iOS

Roma - PC - Roma - iOS

Summer Route 2014

Adobe Voice Stories

summer2 013

Collage 2013

Summer Route 2013


Slideshow 1 2013 PC

Slideshow 2 2013 PC

Slideshow 3 2013 PC

Slideshow 4 2013 PC

Slideshow 5 2013 PC

Superyachts - PC

Slideshow 7 2013 PC

Slideshow 8 2013 PC

Boat Jousting -------->


London - Athens - Greece

Montenegro - Croatia

Italy - Sicily - Aeolian Islands - Pompeii

Nettuno, Italy - Corsica

Elba to Portofino


Alassio, Italy to Sanary, France

End of the Cruise

La Joute Marine - YouTube

For iPad & iPhone

Slideshow 1 Mobile

Slideshow 2 -Mobile

Slideshow 3 - Mobile

Slideshow 4 - Mobile

Slideshow 5 - Mobile

SuperYachts - Mobile

Slideshow 7 - Mobile

Slideshow 8 - Mobile

<-------- Boat Jousting

summer 2012


Summer Route 2012

Islands we visited

Nick the Wedding Crasher

Zumba on Skiathos

Summer 2012

E-mail updates

Summer 2011


YouTube Videos



See my current position using my AIS signal. AIS Map

Sea Star has an Automated Identification System which broadcasts my location, speed course etc. to other ships in the vicinity. I also receive their information. Click on the chart to go to my current position. If Out of Range appears it is because we are in an area (anchorage surrounded by mountains) where my signal is not being received. Try again later. You can zoom in & out and get more information by clicking on the various options on the chart.

For the techies out there, click this link:
It has my positions (168) charted from the last three summers. Put my call sign, ki4jjc in the field on the top left of the Shiptrak site and click View. You will see a red line being drawn on the world map. When it stops use the controls on the top  left to zoom in.

Croatia 2010

Video: Rainy Day Amusement

You Tube Videos



Map of our voyage to date.

Proposed summer route 2010

Summer Crew 2010

Summer 2009

Port Napoleon, France to Valletta, Malta

A 5 minute quick look at our 2009 cruise.

Video Photostories of 2009 Trip on YouTube

Links to Photos and Slideshows

Sea Star e-mail updates for 2009

Chart of our route & Position Reports with photos

Porto Ferrio, Elba

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Summer 2008

Azores to Port Napoleon France

YouTube Videos

Chart of 2008 Route

(Note: When a PDF slideshow opens - left click your mouse to advance to the next slide.)

View of Horta Harbor from Monte Guia

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Summer 2007

Sarasota to Azores Islands

New - Pictures of the trip from Sarasota to the Azores (Small pictures for slow connections)

Sea Star II
1983 Tayana 37

Landfall Flores, Azores August 3rd 2007
11 days at sea - 1300 nautical miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia


VideoStory of our trip on Sea Star II from Sarasota, Florida up the east coast to Halifax, Canada and across the Atlantic to the Azore Islands.

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