Conversations with Nick, Paul, Cindy, Pat and Friends

Nick and Paul started using an App called Glide about a year and a half ago. Here are some of those Glides.








Getting ready to see BB King




At the BB King Concert



After the Concert


Whats my good side?


Herbs reply


Nicks good side


Night out


Where's Nick


Nick you should be here


Nick by fire with bongos


Out of Vodka


Nick's reply




Thoughts about Glide


From Sea Star


That's what I do.......


Girls say hi to Nick


Nicks reply


Hi from Cindy


Missing Nick


Nicks Reply


Nick and Cindy, Greece 2012


Beautiful girls say's Hello Nick


Nicks Reply


Nick's Happy Place


Special Guest


Whose the Boss?


No explantion needed!


Glides when Nick drove up to Scranton to surprise Liz.

Meet Pat


Off to work


On the roof



At the game


Still at the game


? Bad Nick ?


Is this wrong?







My response


Nick surprising Liz at her 50th Birthday Party



A classic evening with Nick in his hot tub ( he loved his hot tub).

Cindy swims a few laps!


More to follow.........

Nick Patrick Paul