Fred Brumbaugh ~ Best of Times

Prologue. My early years the Best of Times. The venue Was the "Land of the Deplorables". The end of the depression, second world war and the roaring 1950s. Times of great change; of great opportunity for all, rich or poor. A world without class warfare, political correctness, or tattoos: a time of courtesy, and mutual respect. I experienced from my poorest of friends in Greenville, to my wealthiest friends in college and grad school a commonality of purpose and optimism. Education at all levels was not politically biased, not indoctrination, but stressed freedom of expression, Socratic methods.. My life’s “education” began in the Park, then on to The Northenders; then grades 7-12 . Unlike my Greenville classmates, I had parallel Out of Greenville Experiences. These early days proved to be great preparation for my Great Leap to Princeton, the West Side and life. While it's impossible to fully portray a wonderful these years were, I have tried to supplement the narrative with a number of stories of events, descriptions of people etc. (Magic Moments; Game Changers; Crazy Stories.). I would also encourage my grandchildren to read the Family History's, which ,in total, portray the great changes in our society at all levels from 1800 to 1960.

Best of Times